About Michael Tandy

Michael Tandy was born in Worcestershire in 1942.

He is a prolific sculptor and painter of many subjects that have inspired him in his long career as a professional artist.

“I paint and sculpt whatever pleases me at the time, and have covered an array of subjects in many different mediums, from ceramics to foundry bronze, water colours to oils.”

On completion of his life size Peacock Sculpture, Michael simply said – “If it sounds difficult, then do it, as no great works are ever easy.”

Michael is a former Professional Snooker Promoter and Player, of the 1970- 80s.  Highest competitive snooker break of 120. New Milton, Hampshire.

This is his official art and sculpture site.

Limited Edition Bronze Falcon

Orders are now being taken for this stunning limited edition bronze Falcon.  Orders strictly limited to 9 discerning buyers.

Contact my agent, Nigel Coward, via enquiries@michaeltandy.co.uk for more details.

Looking fancy on our special day

Supporting the Pattaya Orphans

Grand Canyon for my friend

Fancy a quick frame or two?

Opening a new Star Match Room Table with Jimmy White

Swinging, not swingers!

A Potential Retirement Home?

At work in the Studio

More knowledge being passed on

Working on my latest bronze

Commission for a good friend

Life Size Bronze Gyr Falcon

Swans – Oil

The Tandys with Sculptor Friend Pete

Ceramic Black Rhinos

This pair of Ceramic Black Rhino’s was produced for the Prince of Wales in 1981.  Here Michael can be seen adding the finishing touches…

Mike & Joy

Peregrine Falcon


Leaping Sailfish

This is a foundry bronze, of which only 9 were produced.

Peregrine Falcon

Michael showing his life size Peregrine Falcon, produced in his Wiltshire studio.


memories of a good holiday

My great boys

Self Portrait wearing cleansing mask

Life after Triple By-Pass

Mother and cub

Ceramic sculpture from artists own studio.

Madonna and the Reservoir of Life

The large oil of this can be seen on WikiMedia.  A smaller watercolour can be seen in St Pauls Cathedral, London.


Dubai Exhibition

Sculptor at Work

Undecided – Oil

Man in the Moon

Ice Cream Seller


Peacock Sculpture

Michael Tandy’s 7ft tall (life sized) sculpture of a Peacock.

Cast in foundry bronze and cast marble paste, parts of which are finished in 24ct gold and white gold.  This is a unique piece, with only one produced worldwide.

First exhibited in Dubai, before being sold to a UK art collector.

Gazelles – Work in Progress

Pair of Jokers!

Man in the Moon – Work In Progress

With Anthony Fry

Michael and noted artist friend Anthony Fry at his Wiltshire Studio.

Seaside Children at Play

Edward – Oil

This fun portrait is of the Artists friend Edward, who wished to be painted in a ‘jovial’ way!

Chonburi Studio 2010

Former Home…

Arab Stallion – Oil

How – Oil

Oil on canvas of inflatable monkey with half eaten banana, titled “How”

Lawrence Tandy – Tribute

This poignant painting is a work in progress as tribute to the loss of the Artists brother, Lawrence.  The clock reflects that he died before his first birthday.


Lawrence Tandy Tribute – In Progress

This poignant painting is a work in progress as tribute to the loss of the Artists brother, Lawrence.  The clock reflects that he died before his first birthday.

The Ring Master – Oil

Great White – Oil on Canvas (Private Commission)

The Artist with his Eve Sculpture

Colourful Thoughts – Oil

Alligator – Oil

Red Square – 2014

Work In Progress – April 2015

Wishful Thinking!

Relaxing with a Mermaid!

Peregrine Falcon – Ceramic

Barn Owl – Ceramic

Stag – Oil

Memories of Venice – Oil

How – In Progress

Visiting the UK with Joy & Friends

Sculpture in Progress

With My Lady

Snooker Trick Shots – Pattaya Orphanage

Mike, aka Mr. Trick Shots, UK Pro/Coach, and his wife Joy, sponsored a trip for 29 school-aged kids from the Pattaya Orphanage to enjoy an afternoon of Snooker Trick Shots at the Inter Snooker Club in Naklua.

Mike is available to perform Snooker trick Shots should anyone like to make a special occasion a more memorable one.

Snooker Trick Shots – Pattaya Orphanage

Snooker Trick Shots – Pattaya Orphanage

Snooker Trick Shots – Pattaya Orphanage

Snooker Trick Shots – Pattaya Orphanage