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About Michael Tandy

Michael Tandy was born in Worcestershire in 1942.

He is a prolific sculptor and painter of many subjects that have inspired him in his long career as a professional artist.

“I paint and sculpt whatever pleases me at the time, and have covered an array of subjects in many different mediums, from ceramics to foundry bronze, water colours to oils.”

On completion of his life size Peacock Sculpture, Michael simply said – “If it sounds difficult, then do it, as no great works are ever easy.”

Michael is a former Professional Snooker Promoter and Player, of the 1970- 80s.  Highest competitive snooker break of 120. New Milton, Hampshire.

This is his official art and sculpture site.

The Tandys with Sculptor Friend Pete

Mike & Joy

memories of a good holiday

My great boys

Life after Triple By-Pass

Pair of Jokers!

With Anthony Fry

Michael and noted artist friend Anthony Fry at his Wiltshire Studio.

Red Square – 2014

Wishful Thinking!

Relaxing with a Mermaid!

Visiting the UK with Joy & Friends

With My Lady